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Recently, the China Provinces and US States Joint Working Groups on Trade and Economic Forum have gathered 30 key projects of Chinese enterprises to invest in the US. The Chinese enterprises are seeking their US counterparts to work with through equity investment, Merger & Acquisition, greenfield investment, setting up factories, etc. Appbeplay 主页 , the Chinese Secretariat for China Provinces and US California and Michigan Joint Working Groups, on behalf of the 7 existing Chinese Secretariats, now releases the first batch of projects as follows.

1. 青岛佳乐房地产营销策划有限公司
Qingdao Jiale Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., LTD. Rely on professional market planning, strong capacity of management and control, Qingdao Jiale Estate Marketing Planning Co,.Ltd has been built an integrated service provider of real estate investment consulting and the case agent services. Investment model: Greenfield, Equity investment. Investment Amount (USD): 4, 000, 000. Approximate Number of employees: 100.

2. 青岛圣族激光机械有限公司
QINGDAO SANLASER is a professional manufacturing enterprise with first class facilities on R&D and production of railway transport equipment components. Main products include gangway, internal decoration, seat, windscreen and handrail. We have won the orders of domestic and overseas transit vehicles from Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Dongguan…and USA, Brazil(EMU), Argentina, India, Malay, European Star, VT140…It’s one of leading enterprises in the manufacture of urban mass transit vehicle components and inter-city multiple units components. It has provided more than 3600 vehicles, 59 items in 2015. It’s subsidiary in Las Vegas,NV, USA, which will establish a new factory in the west of MA, USA. Metro Components(for Boston MBTA, Chicago, Los Angeles) will be produced by local workers from the end of 2017. Investment model: Greenfield, M&A. Investment Amount (USD): 5, 000, 000. Approximate Number of employees: 100.

3. 青岛佳和锦虹包装有限公司
Qingdao Jiahejinhong Packaging Co.,Ltd mainly produces packaging machinery and eco-friendly packaging material. Investment model: Greenfield. Investment Amount (USD): 5, 000, 000. Approximate Number of employees: 100.

4. 青岛元亨泰国际贸易有限公司
Qingdao Yuanhengtai International Trading Co.,Ltd. Is a company doing import and export business, including general merchandise,solar panels and renewable energy technology. Investment model: Establish office. Investment Amount (USD): 300,000 Approximate Number of employees: 30.

5. 欧美投资集团
Established in 1993,QEA Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the first private business group in the city of Qingdao. The business scope includes property development,renewable resources,bio-technoly,logistic and international trade,etc.QEA Investment group has been among the top 500 private Chinese companies for many years. Investment model:Greenfield,Equity investment. Investment Amount (USD): 50,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 100.

6. 苏交科集团股份有限公司
苏交科业务涵盖设计、检测、环境、PPP、智慧城市等领域,公司目前拥有两个国家级重点实验室,是国内交通工程咨询领域首家上市公司,先后并购西班牙EPTISA和美国TestAmerica等若干家国际国内知名公司。公司已经成为推动咨询行业发展的重要力量,成为中国工程咨询行业资本运作的引领者。 投资意向:并购、股权投资、设立研发中心等。投资金额:3亿美元。预计解决当地就业:3000人。
JSTI Group business includes design, testing, environment, PPP, smart city etc. The company now has two national laboratories. It is also the first listed company in the field of domestic engineering consulting industry. After the listing, JSTI has successfully acquired a number of well-known domestic and abroad companies including EPTISA in Spain and TestAmerica in USA. JSTI now has become an important power to promote the development of Chinese engineering consulting industry as well as the leader of capital operation in the industry. Investment model:M&A, Equity investment, R&D Center, etc.. Investment Amount (USD): 300,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 3000.

7. 常州长青交通科技股份有限公司
主要生产轨道交通车辆配套产品及建筑幕墙装饰新材料,与中国中车旗下的南车、北车、以及国外庞巴迪、阿尔斯通及西门子等世界知名公司建立了长期的合作关系。公司已通过了ISO9001质量体系、IRIS体系、DIN6701粘接、EN15085焊接认证,拥有专利28项,研发机构2个。 投资意向:寻找合作伙伴等。投资金额:不明。预计解决当地就业:不明。
Changzhou Evergreen Transport Technology Company Ltd, mainly the production of rail traffic equipments and building curtain wall decoration new materials, and Chinese Zhongche's CSR, CNR, and foreign Bombardier, Alston and SIEMENS and other world-renowned companies to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system, IRIS system, DIN6701 bonding, EN15085 welding certification, has 28 patents, 2 research and development institutions. Investment model: Looking for partners. Investment Amount (USD): TBD. Approximate Number of employees: TBD.

8. 常州格力博有限公司
Changzhou Globeco., LTD. is a group with outdoor garden tools as the main products, including r&d, manufacturing, sales function centers, has annual output of 15 million sets. So far, Globe group has more than 5000 employees, 400 r&d engineers and a total of seven sales and after-sales service branches. Globe’s products have sold to major worldwide garden and electric tools market, such as Canada, the United States, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, corporate customers throughout more than 20 countries and regions. Investment model: Set up factory. Investment Amount (USD): 30,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 300.

9. 杭州和港创业投资有限公司、杭州经济技术开发区创业投资有限公司
HEDA Investment Ltd.资金规模为1.5亿美金,首期到位4千万美金,旨在推动海外人才创新创业活动并促进海外高层次人才落户杭州、发掘和培育优质的海外创新创业项目并与国内投资和服务平台的协同效应,助推国内产业有效实现转型升级。投资意向:厂股权投资。投资金额:3千万美元。
HEDA Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm focused on accelerating disruptive innovations and trends in enterprise sectors. We are a US dollar fund and currently managing over $150 million in assets. We focus on innovative high-tech industries showing fast growth rates, including Biotech and frontier technologies. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs and startups build world-changing businesses, with the potential to create new market opportunities and change the world. Investment model: Equity. Approximate Investment Amount (USD): 30,000,000.

10. 中基宁波集团股份有限公司
Founded in 1985, China Base Ningbo Group transformed into a comprehensive trading enterprise engaged in import & export, trade logistics, and automobile sales & service.Over the past three decades, the company has actively pursued “internationalizing markets, developing trade, diversifying business, and fostering developments”, which has achieved tremendous success and generated significant growth. Ningbo China-Base Group is one of China’s Top 500 Companies, China’s Top 100 Trading Enterprises, and China’s Top 10 Private Trading Enterprises. Ningbo China-Base Group has more than 30 wholly owned subsidiary companies engaged in international trade, international freight, bonded warehousing, international tendering, automotive sales & repair, and sales of aftermarket car parts. The group has trading transactions with companies of over 110 countries globally. Investment model: M&A, Equity investment. Investment Amount (USD): 50,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 100.

11. 湖南中通电气股份有限公司
The company is currently focusing on the maintenance of the rail motor market and the third rail current collector and the pantograph, which is the first unit of the third rail current collector national standard. The company relying on the existing business strength, will implement the motor after comprehensive maintenance market, technology upgrades and capacity expansion. Based on the current rail businesses the company has expanded into high speed locomotive motor and auxiliaries, rail braking resistance box and reactor, and the huge market space of rail vehicle air conditioning after maintenance market; At the same time, from the third rail current collector is being extended to the electric pantograph and the carbon skateboard fields; And also developed the distributed optical fiber system (DAS) used in the rail transit monitoring, testing, and warnings. Investment model: M&A, Equity investment. Investment Amount (USD): 2,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 20.

12. 营口泰洋包装制品有限公司
营口泰洋包装制品有限公司是一家集吹膜、制袋、包装于一体的专业化塑料包装制品公司,公司成立于2003年,场区占地面积2万平方米, 现总资产规模达到5000万人币。现在员工60人,年生产能力6千吨,我司在不断的扩大生产规模。投资意向:投资建厂。投资金额:5百万美元。预计解决当地就业:60人。
Yingkou Taiyang Packing Products Co.,Ltd is specialized in overall and professional plastic packing products such as film blowing,bag making and packing. Our company founded in 2003,Our company covers an area of 20000 square meter.Now we have a total assets of RMB 50 million yuan.We have 60 employees,Our company has a monthly capacity of more than 600 tons and an annual production of 6000 tons.Moreover, we are expanding our production capability continuously. Investment model: Greenfield. Investment Amount (USD): 5,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 60.

13. 华夏幸福基业股份有限公司
China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd (Ticker: 600340) was founded in 1998 and is one of the leading industrial city operators in China. We thrive to become the worlds’ leader in building new industrial cities and pride ourselves in our mission – “To create new industrial cities, build cities of happiness and enhance regional economy while maintaining social harmony and the people’s happiness”. Investment model: Greenfield. Investment Amount (USD): 5, 000,000,000. Approximate Number of employees: 100.

Our company is mainly engaged in long-distance pipeline construction machinery equipment design and manufacturing, onshore pipeline anticorrosion coating line, submarine pipeline concrete weight coating line design and manufacturing; and foreign pipeline components, pipeline construction equipment, pipeline anticorrosion coating line, submarine pipeline concrete weight coating line sales, the new energy technology development, oil and gas equipment import and exports ,etc. Investment model: Greenfield. Investment Amount (USD): 10,000,000. Approximate Number of local employees: 50.

15. 云南瑞燃石化有限公司
Yunnan RuiRan Petrochemical Inc. is a private oil company mainly engaged in the operation of refined oil for more than 20 years., business engagement in the retail and wholesale of gasoline, diesel oil, lubricating oil and other petrochemical subsidiary products. In China, Ruiran has more than 50 gas stations, two finished oil depots , the main locations are in Kunming, surrounding the Qujing, Red River, Dali, Lijiang, Baoshan and in other transportation and economy Developed areas there are also branch offices. Investment model: Greenfield. Investment Amount (USD): 50,000,000. Approximate Number of local employees: 100.

If you have interests in any projects mentioned-above, please feel free to contact the Chinese Secretariat for China Province and US California and Michigan Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment Cooperation.
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